When the Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce cut the ribbon at the new offices of Bison Media, Sarah Bodnar and her crew attracted a fun cross-section of interesting people of all ages out on the lawn at Shoreline Village across the street from the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. Bison is a B Corp,  joining Thanksgiving Coffee Company, North Coast Brewing, The Color Mill and Harvest Market. We’ve heard through the grapevine that the goal in Fort Bragg is to have more B Corp businesses per capita than anywhere else in the country. Just one of the many reasons we’re so cool!

The Tow-SterAt the party, we hobnobbed  with a lot of wonderful locals, including designer Michelle Noe, whose interest in ecological sciences and the natural environment is reflected in the logos and websites of many of our sustainable businesses here.

The evening reminded us that Fort Bragg just keeps getting more interesting, with young entrepreneurs joining the already amazing established businesses on the coast. Guests sidled up to the The Tow-Ster Portable Bar, to select a libation, including signature brews from North Coast Brewing. Rent the Tow-ster and add that hip vibe to your party or celebration. “Call in the Tow-ster, and let the good times roll”.

Sally of Pacific Star Winery regaled us with stories of the unusual varietals produced at the winery. We loved her descriptions of the whale migration she sees from the vantage point of her spectacular cliff top location north of Fort Bragg. Barry Bouillon from Living Light Culinary Institute was on hand with a special tea pouring, and Paul Katzeff from Thanksgiving Coffee Company brought along his dog, Brutus. It was a great prelude to the summer season here on the coast. Monica from Interior was proud of the gorgeous carpets that Bison had selected to adorn their lovely, modern new offices with a mid-century feel.

Little Cup Ceramics Fort Bragg

Just last weekend I walked up to Monica’s neck of the woods on Redwood Avenue and across from her beautiful shop, Interior, I loved what I found. Littlecup Ceramics and Letterpress is an amazing shop and studio with vintage and hand-made cards, and drop-in classes for locals and visitors alike. If you’re planning a trip to Fort Bragg, be sure to stop by and play with clay, print some cards on letterpress, or browse affordable art and vintage goods in the shop. Kids love to spend an hour or two creating wonderful treasures to take home. The friendly proprietor, Sabine Brunner, simply glows with goodwill. Right next door is the beautifully curated Lost Coast Found. What a treasure trove of cool stuff! Meagan loves to organize things and visitors to the shop benefit from her expert eye. Vintage typewriters, textiles, postcards, dishware, vinyl, and you name it. You could have fun and get lost in this shop, for sure. You’ll love the feeling of re-visiting the past, and you won’t mind time passing as you hark back to the days when life was slower. Right next door is the amazing Larry Spring Museum of Common Sense Physics, and I’m going to have to save that for another blog post. it’s an extraordinary piece of Fort Bragg history, and we’re so grateful that it is all being fully restored for years of education and enjoyment.

It is true that Fort Bragg just keeps getting cooler and cooler. We combine a love for our history with a warm welcome to all of the new entrepreneurs who help make our town a unique and wonderful place to visit any time of the year.