Join the festivities with a ten-day extravaganza of events dedicated to our favorite crustacean, Mr. Crabby!  Shrug off those winter blues and indulge in fine seafood, wine, beer, and more. Enjoy family-style crab and and cioppino feeds, gourmet crab-themed dinners, crab and wine pairings, whale watching and crab fishing adventures.  There is a Wine Competition showcasing our sparkling liquid assets and the ever popular Crab Cake Cook-Off that highlights the talents of our county’s chefs.  Unplug with us in beautiful Mendocino County and stay a night or two, or even more, in some of the most unique lodging properties in Northern California! Here you will find a link to the Official Brochure!

Here is a link to many of the restaurants that feature Mr. Crabby !

At the end of your Crabby experience, time to kick back with a well earned glass of Beer or Wine, good friends and Frances Vanek & Co. The Sequoia Room offers up both the best of Jazz and some pretty darn good beverages!

Enjoy some of the best that The Mendocino Coast has to offer and most of all, HAVE FUN!!!!!