Haunted Hall of Horrors
October 31, 2019
6 -7 PM (less scary for younger children)
7-10 PM very scary!
Masonic Lodge 428 N. Main, Fort Bragg

The Haunted Hall of Horrors is a charity Haunted House, operated by the Fort Bragg Leo Club  (a youth club, ages 12-18, sponsored by the Fort Bragg Lions). In 2005, the Leos wanted an activity for older teens and adults during the Halloween season, other than trick-or-treating. There are many Harvest parties for young kids, but nothing really geared towards older teens/adults. They then began attending The West Coast Haunters Convention, taking classes on makeup, and special effects. Each year, the haunt grew, both in size and in sophistication. In fact, they have grown so large, they now have a new location, which is double the size of where they were!  They are now located at the Masonic Center – 428 N. Main Street, Fort Bragg, CA. For more information go to: http://www.hauntedhallofhorrors.com/index.html



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