Paint, sew, throw, sculpt—Fort Bragg is rich with arts classes and workshops.

We love the arts, we love our artists, and we love the galleries and museums that showcase them. We also love to see our residents empowered by the art-friendly atmosphere of Fort Bragg! Even if you don’t see yourself as a “professional” artist, remember that everyone has an artist inside—and Fort Bragg has the resources to bring that inner creative out into the world.

Interested in creating doll clothes, dyeing with mushrooms, weaving rugs, or crafting other quirky tapestries? Pacific Textile Arts, 450 Alger St., has the workshop for you. This very active educational non-profit exists to support, share and celebrate the fiber arts, and hosts numerous classes, exhibitions, and social mixers.

If ceramics or letterpress is more your speed, you’ll be in heaven at Littlecup Ceramics, 223 E. Redwood Ave.  Littlecup offers weekly classes for both adults (Tuesdays 6–8 p.m.) and children (Thursday 4–5 p.m.). Mold clay and craft a mug, or make prints on the studio’s letterpress.

If you’re thinking “I’m not really into textiles or ceramics, got any woodworking shops?” Well, you’re in luck. The Krenov School of Fine Woodworking at Mendocino College has a nine-month program in fine cabinet and furniture making—but they also offer summer workshops ranging from a few days to weeks on everything from introductory tools and techniques to making a small cabinet.

If you aspire to paint or draw but would rather create in solitude than join a class, take a cue from Van Gogh and the Impressionists and consider going en plein air—a fancy way of saying “Get outside and paint what you see!” With lots of shade and gorgeous natural beauty, Otis R. Johnson Wilderness Park is an ideal spot to practice your brushstroke in the open air. Located at the east end of Laurel Street directly southeast of Fort Bragg Middle School, you don’t even have to leave town. If you need supplies, you can find everything you need at Racine’s Stationery, Office & Art Supplies, 350 N. Main St.

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