Getting Here
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From The South

Route 101 from San Francisco: 3 hours, 20 minutes

If your Fort Bragg trip involves flying into San Francisco, Oakland, or Santa Rosa, you'll want to rent a car and take U.S. Route 101 north until Willits, at which point you'll head west on Hwy 20 for the final leg of your journey. Alternatively, you can take Hwy 1 all the way up the coast, but travel times will vary due to ongoing construction. Up-to-date traffic conditions can be found at the California Department of Transportation.

From The East

From Sacramento: 3 hours, 45 minutes

If you're flying into Sacramento, the best way to get to Fort Bragg is to take Hwy 5 north until you hit the town of Williams. If you're coming from Redding, you'll take Hwy 5 south Williams. Once in Williams, hop onto Hwy 20 and head west until you reach Calpella. In Calpella, you'll take the on-ramp to Route 101 heading north to Willits, and from Willits you'll jump back onto Hwy 20 heading west. It sounds complicated, but it's a beautiful, intuitive drive with stunning views of the Jackson State Forest.

From The North

From Seattle: 13 hours

From Portland: 10 hours

From Crescent City: 4 hours, 30 minutes

Visitors travelling from Washington, Oregon or far northern California will find a relatively easy straight shot down U.S. Route 101 until Leggett, California, at which point you can either stay on 101 all the way to Hwy 20 in Willits (where you'll head east through Jackson State Forest into Fort Bragg), or you can hop on Hwy 1 for a winding, leisurely drive down the coast. Up-to-date traffic conditions can be found at the California Department of Transportation.

Jeep driving into Fort Bragg
Getting here is half the adventure.

The State of California and Mendocino County are under Shelter-in-Place Orders. While the City of Fort Bragg normally prides itself on welcoming visitors to our Coast, that is not possible now. Following Governor Newsom’s announcement yesterday, in which he stated that most State Park parking lots would be closed and urged Californians to take the Shelter-in-Place Orders seriously, the City of Fort Bragg is closing City Parks and parking lots, including those for the Coastal Trail. Travel in Mendocino County for Nonessential purposes is a threat to our county’s health and adherence is enforceable by law. All Mendocino County and Fort Bragg hotels, lodges, bed & breakfast and vacation rentals are closed to visitors. Please stay safe at home. We will welcome you back to Fort Bragg once the Orders are lifted.


Thank you,

Tabatha Miller

City Manager

City of Fort Bragg


The last leg of your trip will be by car, but there are many paths to getting here, depending on where you’re coming from!

The nearest airports are:

  • Sacramento (181 miles)
  • San Francisco (184 miles)
  • Santa Rosa (111 miles)
  • Oakland (175 miles)
  • Little River (15 miles)

These are all great options that will get you close to Fort Bragg, but you’ll need to rent a car (or make other ride arrangements) for the final stretch of your journey.

From Sacramento, San Francisco and Oakland the trip is 3–4 hours. From Santa Rosa, plan on spending about 2–2.5 hours on the road.

Wherever you’re coming from, it’s a beautiful drive!

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