Greg, Steve & The Roundmans


Greg, Steve & Roundman’s

Roundman’s Smokehouse and Butcher shop is co-owned by an ex-aerospace instructor from Silicon Valley and an ex-private chef with local food knowledge. This might actually be the magic combination of talent for a perfect balance between logistics, butchery skills, and culinary creativity. Steve Rasmussen has been running Roundman’s for years, having moved to Fort Bragg which he fell in love with when vacationing here. Greg Braden, who has past business ties to Covelo beef sources, is the new ingredient to the business and comes to Roundman’s with fresh ideas for new recipes and delicacies. 

Bringing Home the Bacon

Don’t be fooled by the relatively modest storefront. As Mendocino County’s only USDA-approved and inspected meat processing company, Roundman’s is a substantial operation and a local institution. They offer a wide selection of fresh meats, all of which are hung for aging and butchered at the shop on Main Street across from the train depot. According to Steve, “We source meat out of Covelo Valley which is a few valleys over, and we do our own smoking of sausages, fish, poultry, cheese and hams. It’s very oldschool.” Roundman’s also offers a rotating selection of sausages made by an employee named JB who Steve calls a “sausage artist.” But then, ultimately, it’s going to come back to the bacon. “Our bacon is very basic,” says Steve. “Just salt and sugar, we use celery for curing, it doesn’t overpower, there aren’t a lot of chemicals so you can actually taste the pork.”

“I just love the area. The people and the businesses. It’s such a wonderful place. People say thank you, and they smile and they hold the door for you. There’s no better place in the world.”

– Steve Rasmussen

Local Tip:

Roundman’s offers custom cut and wrap processing for pork, lamb, goat, elk and deer (but not bear). Plus ask about Covelo beef liver treats and smoked or fresh bones for your dog.