This is Fort Bragg

A place where art is the heart and soul of the community & you are always welcome. Artists around here are passionate about their craft and it shows in their work. From traditional to something more obscure, we've got you covered. We know that art can be a transformative experience and we want to share that with all who enter. So come and explore our little town, meet our artists, and see their amazing work for yourself.

The Weavers

Fort Bragg is home to one of the premier, and rare, centers for the fiber arts, the Pacific Textile Arts. Since 1993, Pacific Textile Arts in Fort Bragg has operated as an educational non-profit organization existing to support, share, and celebrate the fiber arts. Pacific Textile Arts houses a gallery, a library, demonstration studios, sales room, and classrooms and is open to the public. For anyone interested in the Fiber Arts, Fort Bragg is a bucket list visit.

Meet The Weavers

The Wood Workers

A famous woodworker once said “It requires a genuine fight to produce one well-designed object of relatively permanent value”. Students of the Krenov School in Fort Bragg fight this good fight to learn their craft and turn out bespoke pieces that push the envelope of what can be done within this medium. Many (most?) of these students, drawn to Fort Bragg by the school, choose to stay in Fort Bragg, making the city a mecca for hand-crafted wood works of extraordinary quality.

Coast Collective
The Krenov School

The ceramicists

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Sarah Logan Ceramics

The Writers

The literary landscape in Fort Bragg is as colorful and storied as its people and the surrounding natural landscape. From poetry to graphic novels, and from fiction to history to naturalist teachings, the written word is an integral part of Fort Bragg cultural scenery. 

The Artists

As a catchall category, we use the word Artist broadly, to make sure we include our most eclectic ranks such as tattoo artists, community art studios, museums and crafts-people of all kinds.

The Artists

The Muralists

Walk the streets of downtown Fort Bragg and you can’t help to come across a number of murals, mostly on our signature alleyways that bisect the main drags. They are signature Fort Bragg in their depiction of sea creatures and undersea vistas, clearly their painters influenced by the sea air and vistas that surround them daily.

Alleyway Art Project

The Performers

In Fort Bragg, the Performing Arts runs the gamut from Mozart to xxxx, and everything in between. We are lucky to be home to a traditional symphony, Symphony of the Redwoods, along with Opus Chamber Music season. But if performance art is more your thing, well, we have that well covered The Footlighters Troupe, xx, and more.

Symphony of The Redwoods