Under The Marine Influence

If you’re a fan of fresh air, breathe deep. You won’t find cleaner, purer air than the Pacific breezes that blow through Fort Bragg all year long. The ocean has a way of moderating temperatures here in a town that sits right on the bluffs. With an average high of 55° in December and 67° in August, there isn’t a huge temperature range in town. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get hot or cold here. So here are a few tips for packing depending on when you come.


Like any trip to the coast, it’s all about the layers. Fort Bragg is a great place to escape the inland summer heat. And yet, if you come between June and August, you should prepare for quite a range of temperatures. A typical day in the summer has a chance of fog in the morning with cool temps in the fifties. That fog could lift by mid-day making it mild and warm, sixties or seventies in town. If the fog is thick and the winds are up, it can be cool and even a little damp throughout the day. Windbreakers work well. Then again, there are stretches where the fog stays at bay and the coast can warm up into the eighties. Even then expect chilly evenings. Think sweater weather. Also, if you head inland into the mountains, the summer temperatures can get quite warm. That’s when you’re glad you have your shorts and t-shirt.

Spring & Fall

The shoulder seasons in Fort Bragg can be among the most beautiful times to come. While there is a chance of rain (about 5 days a month), the weather is generally nice with little chance of a big storm blowing through, and the crowds are down. April and May, and September and October can be particularly nice, were the clean crisp chill of winter meets the warmth of longer days. But expect some cooler temps and include a heavier jacket with that sweatshirt.


Winters are quiet here in Fort Bragg, at least when it comes to visitors. But that makes it a great time to have the town to yourself for a few days. Dress for cool temperatures and a chance of rain. But don’t rule out the breathtaking beauty of hiking in the redwoods on a misty day or watching a storm blow in off the ocean. You’ll find good room rates and the chance to live like a local in the taverns and restaurants.