The C.V. Starr
Recreation Center

The C.V. Starr Community Center, located on the Southeast edge of town is a Fort Bragg resource available to locals and visitors alike. Day passes are available for individuals and families, so whether you are looking for some exercise or some play time with the family, the C.V. Starr Center has something for everyone. 

Cornelius Vander Starr was an American businessman born in Fort Bragg in 1892 to a family in the logging industry.  During his successful career in the Insurance industry, he traveled the world and lived in New York, but his birthplace always held a special place in his heart. His success led him to starting The Starr Foundation, which today continues to generously fund the C.V. Starr Community Center, and also provides scholarships to Fort Bragg High School graduating seniors who have demonstrated academic, social, athletic and moral leadership.

Exercise and Swim Center

An olympic-size swimming pool and adjacent shallow kids pool with a waterpark-worthy slide make up the indoor swim center at C.V. Starr. There are locker rooms for changing and showering. Also available: a weight room with stationary bikes and a group exercise room.  An array of classes are offered weekly that include water aerobics, dance, strength training and beginner kayaking skills. See schedule

Check Out The Classes

Local Tip:

 Take a class with C.V. Starr Center favorite, Aimee!  Family day passes are just $33. 

VISIT C.V. Starr Community Center

CA skate park

Located at the back, and accessible from Minnesota Avenue, is the Skate Park. Popular with both the young and older sets, the C.V. Starr skate park is open daily. Entry is free.

life is ruff here

The C.V. Starr Dog Park is as popular with the humans as it is with their dogs. And a regular crowd is there mid-morning most days. Cleverly it is set up with two adjoining options for your dog’s size personality: 1) For Small and Shy dogs, and 2) For Large dogs (or small dogs that think they are big). Entry is free.