MAY 2024


The Kelp Recovery Program Demonstration Day was on May 26 at Big River, and the City of Fort Bragg shared information on the Noyo Harbor Blue Economy Visioning, Resiliency, and Implementation Plan and ways to get involved. We hope you can join us for our monthly Community Update meetings on the fourth Saturday of each month from 9-11 am at Town Hall.

Find a list of all events at, including a free Walking Tour of Noyo Harbor beginning at 10 am on Saturday, June 15th from the high dock on the south side.

On May 25 at the Noyo Center Marine Field Station, UC Berkeley Professor and kelp taxonomist Kathy Ann Miller presented the life cycle and history of bull kelp. Several additional speakers were reporting on their findings from projects out of Caspar, Albion, and Big River and what the ecological, social, cultural, and economic implications of bull kelp loss are for us as a community.


The City Hall roof has kept the dedicated City Hall staff dry for many years. Still, after a hefty rainy season, the roof has begun to show major signs of wear and tear and will be undergoing a full re-roof in the summer months of 2024. The roof will undergo a full “tear-out” down to the decking and receive a new layer of torch-down material to ensure rigidity and proper weatherproofing. New scuppers will be installed, and existing drainage facilities will be assessed to ensure water is properly draining off of the roof. To adequately seal the parapet wall’s upper surface and protect the new roofing material from water intrusion, a full-cover stainless steel cap will be purchased and installed. This roofing project will be a great improvement to the City’s existing infrastructure and a much-needed enhancement to one of the City’s core facilities.

The Fort Bragg Fire Station plays a vital role in emergency preparedness for the City of Fort Bragg, and a major issue that has been affecting the Fort Bragg Fire Station for many years now is the heavily dilapidated roof. The Fire Station, located at 141 N. Main Street has long surpassed its serviceable life and requires a new roof. The roof currently collects water in various locations and has several leaks amidst the many that have been previously repaired with patches and seal coats over the years. The roof has five main sections all at different elevations, and all done with varying materials. The plan for the summer 2024 re-roof will be to perform a full tear-out on all five sections of the roof and torch down new layers of Modified Bitumen on the four flat sections. This will provide an incredibly sturdy, yet flexible finish, well suited for harsh weather. The remaining pitched section will be replaced like-for-like with 30-year shingles as per industry standards, and any exposed parapet wall will be sealed under a full-cover stainless steel cap. This project will be a considerable improvement to one of the City’s most critical facilities.


Tentatively scheduled, the slurry seal will be placed on Franklin Street from South Street to Spruce Street the week of June 10th. The work will be broken up over a period of two to four days. During the slurry seal, several blocks of roadway will be closed at a time (excluding intersections) throughout the duration of the material placement and remain closed to through traffic until dry. Final street striping and pavement marking will be completed the week of June 24th. Please coordinate alternative parking options and obey all No-Parking signage, as vehicles parked in violation of signage will be subject to towing.


The City of Fort Bragg planned a compost event for May 24 and May 25 which turned out to be a great success! Resources were exhausted by the end of the first day, and the City of Fort Bragg was able to get another truckload of compost delivered at 8:00 am on May 29th. This will be a self-serve event, so bring your buckets, shovels, and gloves to kick- start your summer garden, or stock up for the winter. We ask that people limit themselves to ½ yard so there is enough to go around.
We would like to thank C&S Waste Solutions for donating the compost for this event!


MEET Sarah Peters

Assistant Planner

We celebrate the dedication and hard work of our city employees, who tirelessly contribute behind the scenes. Their commitment is crucial to the city’s functioning, meriting our utmost appreciation and acknowledgment. This month, we look to the Community Development Department to select our May Employee Spotlight for their exceptional contributions.

Meet Sarah Peters, our celebrated Assistant Planner, who consistently demonstrates excellence in her role with unwavering dedication, embodying the core values of our community.

Sarah and her family moved to Fort Bragg from Sonoma during the late seventies. After college, she returned to Fort Bragg and has lived here ever since. She says, “Fort Bragg is a special community, and I enjoy interacting with the people here and helping in whatever way I can.”

Sarah joined the City in May 2021 as a temporary office assistant, marking a significant career shift from her previous managerial positions. She sought a fresh start during the pandemic and transitioned to a permanent role as an Administrative Assistant in the Community Development Department. In November 2022, Sarah was promoted to her current position as Assistant Planner.

Sarah enjoys the variety of tasks in CDD and never gets bored. There is so much to learn in planning. She also enjoys working collaboratively as part of a team and remarks, “The City team is amazing.” 



In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, the City of Fort Bragg proudly recognizes the significant contributions and achievements of our diverse AAPI communities, which are integral to California’s rich cultural fabric. Vice Mayor Jason Godeke presented the proclamation to Ui Wesley from Xa Kako Dile and City Manager Isaac Whippy.
With over 6 million Californians of Asian or Pacific Islander descent, we stand united in honoring the varied heritage that has enriched our state and nation. The City of Fort Bragg honors their continuous hard work and contributions to our community.