Lia &
The Walls

Lia Morsell started The Alleyway Art Project in Fort Bragg with the dual purposes of bringing public art to the fore and dressing up some of the overlooked corners of the Downtown area, namely the alleys which are a signature element in the Fort Bragg built landscape. As founder and director of the project, she connects local businesses and organizations with local artists to create murals inspired by local life, landscape, culture, and history. Currently numbering 12 murals, an Alleyway art walk is one of the best ways to spend a morning or afternoon in Fort Bragg.

Inspiration in the Alleys

Lia, with her husband and young son, moved to Fort Bragg from the Bay Area in 2016 and have not looked back, enjoying being closer to family, the small town life, and the inspiration that comes from being part of a thriving creative community. In 2018, Lia, with a partner, founded The Red House Co-Working Space, now an essential business support and networking hub for freelancers independent contractors, creatives and anyone passing through that needs a spot to get a little work done.

Local Tip:

An Alleyway Art Walk map is in the works. Check their website before you head up this summer.

Visit The Alleys

"You walk on the headlands trail, you walk down Franklin Street, you do a little shopping, you get a cup of coffee. You know, you go visit the gardens, you go on the art walk, and by then you're exhausted and you go to dinner and crash out for the night."- Lia Morsell