Sip, Makayla & Cody

Meet Makayla and Cody Raudio, both Fort Bragg born and bred. Mahkayla, as owner of La Tre at the corner of Franklin and Redwood Streets, has her finger tightly on the pulse of Downtown Fort Bragg. She saw a need for a different kind of drinking establishment, and filled it with SIP Wine Bar, at 142 E. Laurel Street. SIP offers mostly local vintages, with some from further afield, and also features local beers. She practices some mixology applied to craft cocktails with sake-infused spirits, and always has a monthly featured special.

SIP does the wine bar thing a little differently.

The wine is self-serve from sleek auto dispensers that unlock pours of particular sizes (from taste to half-glass to full-glass). It’s super simple: they hand you a card at the bar to use for the self service which keeps track of what you pour in your glass. You pay at the end by handing in your card. You can also opt to do things the old-fashioned way with your belly up to the wine bar.

Local Tip:

There is a refrigerator case filled with locally sourced cheeses and charcuterie, bread, bottles of wine and non-alcoholic bevs, perfect for picnicing or for taking the party back to your place.


The gorgeous bar is hewn from an old growth redwood found in the river on a family property in the region. Additionally, the space is appointed with a number of beautiful hand made wood fixtures that add warmth to the clean design lines of the interior.