Silver & Mayan Fusion

Many Hispanic-owned restaurants in Fort Bragg have roots from the Yucatan region of Mexico. On the higher end of this set is Mayan Fusion, located on Main Street since 2017.

Silver Canul

A local, living culinary legend, owner and Executive Chef Silver Canul honed his craft at several of the North Coast’s most acclaimed restaurants. And yet, at Mayan Fusion, he’s created a dining experience that is uniquely his own – simultaneously exquisitely curated and lovingly crafted.
Silver’s history on the North Coast began with a job at a Point Arena dairy farm when he was 19. Starting as a dishwasher at the Heritage House, he moved to the kitchen and began learning from a French-trained executive chef. From there he went to the Little River Inn where he started as Sous Chef and soon after became Executive Chef.
Known for his specials, Silver’s tenure spanning more than 10 years at Little River Inn earned that restaurant somewhat of a cult following. He became well-known in the culinary scene and well-positioned to start something of his own.

Keyword: Fusion

Silver’s restaurant is aptly named, as the menu at Mayan Fusion is certainly Yucatan-inspired, but you will also find influences from France (creamy sauces), Italy (arancini and cioppino), and even Asia (crispy shrimp won tons.) Seafood is a significant part of the menu emphasizing seasonal, locally caught fish and shellfish. Mayan Fusion is a town favorite because of the fabulous cuisine but also for the sweet atmosphere and friendly staff. Silver will probably come out and say hello, and you will have the opportunity to complement the chef.

Local Tip:

The cocktail menu offers a kickass top shelf margarita, along with some additional margarita variations. And be sure to try the homemade sangria in three flavors!

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