"There are more good poets per capita in Mendocino County than in any other"

Joe Smith – Writer

Joe Smith

A former resident alien of Greece (where much of his body of work was composed), Joe Smith currently resides in Fort Bragg. His body of work features hundreds of stories, essays, articles, poems and translations. Chopsticks, a collection of the author’s stories, was recently published by Pygmy Forest Press.

Larry Felson

Larry Felson moved to Fort Bragg six years ago, having previously lived in Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco, where he was a high school teacher and social justice activist. His most recent poetry collection is Dawn Out of Order, published in 2022.

Tia Ballantine

A writer and painter, born in Peru, Tia Ballantine has lived on the East Coast, in the desert at the Mexican border, and most recently here in Fort Bragg. Ballantine is a self-proclaimed atheist, pacifist, and feminist who believes in the power of art and the grace of tolerance, all of which is reflected in her poetry collections.

Malcolm Macdonald

Meet Malcolm Macdonald, Fort Bragg author and local historian. Malcolm lives on the same ranch settled by his Scottish immigrant family in the 1800’s. As a longtime local and historian, he has some tales to tell, some fact and some fiction. Mendocino History Exposed is a historical romp from the Pomo to 19th century UFO’s, through murders and the lawmen who solved them, on to the Tire Baby. His latest book is fiction and titled The Mendocino Outlaws. Look for it, along with his other works at The Bookstore and Windsong Books in downtown Fort Bragg.