Returning in 2023 - Stay Tuned For New Date

It’s said that a rising tide lifts all boats, and that’s a good way to think about the Blue Economy. In May, 2022 Fort Bragg hosted its first Blue Economy Symposium & Learning Festival, a two-day leadership forum and weekend full of fun, informative activities. Plans are already underway for next year.

The Blue Economy Symposium and Learning Festival is presented by Noyo Ocean Collective, a unique partnership uniting the City of Fort Bragg, Noyo Harbor District, Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo, Mendocino College, West Business Development Center and Noyo Center for Marine Science. Many thanks to California Sea Grant for their expertise, enthusiasm, and support over the past year to help make this happen.


Watch 2022 The Symposium Online

Even if you weren’t able to make it to Fort Bragg, you can join top researchers, educators, purveyors, guides and fishers to immerse yourself in a multitude of ocean-related enterprises at the core of a sustainable economic future on the Mendocino Coast.


Opening Remarks:- Tribal Blessing, Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo- Welcoming Remarks, Jessica Morsell-Haye, Vice Mayor, City of Fort Bragg

Keynote Speaker:Paula Sylvia, Port of San Diego

Infrastructure:Hosted by Sarah McCormick, City of Fort Bragg, Noyo Ocean Collective- Radhika deSilva & Tim Hogan, Municipal Ocean Water Infrastructure- Anna Neumann, Harbormaster, Noyo Harbor District

Fort Bragg Fisheries & The Blue Economy:Facilitated by Carrie Pomeroy, UC Santa Cruz(note: session cut short due to power outage)- Grant Downie, Commercial Fisherman- Kevin Browning, Noyo Fish Company, Noyo Fishing Charter- Bob Juntz, Ocean Fresh Seafood- Scott Hockett, Noyo Fish Company, Noyo Ice, Commercial Fisherman- Dan Platt, Noyo Harbor Tours, Commercial Fisherman

DAY two

Education, Entrepreneurship & Job Force Training:Facilitated by Sheila Semans, Executive Director, Noyo Center for Marine Science(note: audio only (15:15 > 25:35)- Mary Anne Petrillo, Executive Director, West Business Development Center:- Shauna Oh, Director CA Sea Grant Job Force Training

Keynote Speaker:Betty Yee, CA State Controller

Aquaculture:Facilitated by Luke Gardner, CA Sea Grant- California Aquaculture 101: Randy Lovell, CDFW- Aquaculture Parks & Incubators: Gregory Barbour, Hawaii Ocean Science & Technology Park- Indigenous Aquaculture: Severino Gomes, Kashia Band of Pomo

Keynote Speaker:US Congressman, Jared Huffman

Conservation Aquaculture:Facilitated by Kevin Johnson, CA Sea Grant- Kelp: Gina Contolini, CA Sea Grant- Sunflower Sea Star Restoration: Norah Eddy, The Nature Conservancy- White Abalone: Kristin Aquilino, CA Sea Grant- Olympia Oysters: Gary Fleener, Hog Island Oyster Farming

Commercial Aquaculture:Facilitated by Luke Gardner, CA Sea Grant- Monterey Bay Seaweeds: Dan Gossard- Sunken Seaweeds: Torre Polizzi and Leslie Booher- The Cultured Abalone Farm: Doug Bush- Urchinomics: Peter Struffenegger