May 19 to 22, 2022 – Fort Bragg, CA

The Blue Economy Symposium and Learning Festival is presented by Noyo Ocean Collective, a unique partnership uniting the City of Fort Bragg, Noyo Harbor District, Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo, Mendocino College, West Business Development Center and Noyo Center for Marine Science. Many thanks to California Sea Grant for their expertise, enthusiasm, and support over the past year to help make this happen.

Together we’ll explore opportunities and consider what a Blue Economy might look like on the Mendocino Coast.


This leadership forum goes deep into Blue Economy initiatives from around the state, nation and world. While capacity is limited in Town Hall, presentations will be broadcast live for community participation.



Join top researchers, educators, purveyors, guides and fishers to immerse yourself in a multitude of ocean-related enterprises at the core of a sustainable economic future on the Mendocino Coast.



Along ocean coasts everywhere, a new path is emerging. Blue Economy is a way of considering economic development and ocean health as compatible. A place where economic activity is in balance with the long-term capacity of ocean ecosystems. It’s a fresh, exciting way of looking at everything from traditional marine sectors to new businesses focused on ocean resiliency, and it touches on activities related to climate change, fisheries, aquaculture, renewable energy, tourism and transportation.