(left) Dusty Medler (right) Lily Li

Bundle up. Hunker down.

There’s a chill vibe in Fort Bragg in the winter.

Maybe you thought that when the first storm blows in the North Coast closes its shudders and settles in for the winter. Well, we’re here to show you just how much you would miss by not planning an off-season trip to Fort Bragg. What if we said you could have a beach to yourself? Maybe a hike in the misty magic of a redwood grove in the rain. Whale watch. Deal shop. Or cozy up in your room with a fireplace and a view of the ocean. At Fort Bragg in the off-season, without a lot of visitors, you’ll feel more like one of the locals. So, pack a few layers, your rain boots and knit cap and join us on a journey to enjoy Fort Bragg before the summer fog blows in and the crowds come back.