Megan &
The Lost Coast

Megan Caron is founder and proprietor of Lost Coast Found, a vintage and found object curiosity shop that offers an abundant inventory of vintage housewares from the US, Europe and beyond along with a carefully curated collection of books, California pottery, records, cameras, art glass and small furniture.

Having grown up in a house full of antiques, Megan has been collecting vintage for most of her adult life. Fort Bragg, at one time had many antique and second hand shops but by a few years ago, when Megan was looking to start a business, they had mostly gone. So the time was ripe for Fort Bragg to gain a new vintage shop. Megan was ahead of the game and ready with a garage of cool old stuff.

Having moved away as a teenager, she returned with her family in 2016 and has never looked back. The impetus for her return was the dismantling of the Georgia Pacific Lumber Mill. With that monstrosity removed, the downtown community was able to view its own stunning coastline.

“Like other former industrial towns it’s been given a rare opportunity to reinvent itself. I think we have an amazing foundation on which to build from. It’s going to be interesting, That’s why I’m here.”

Local Tip:

Adjacent to Lost Coast Found is the Larry Spring Museum of Common Sense Physics, a DIY museum created by the late self-taught experimenter, artist and outsider curator, Larry Spring. Well worth the visit to learn about his life’s work and about this very interesting member of the North Coast pantheon of characters.