Sally & The Pacific Star


Sally &
The Pacific Star

Who says you can’t have a winery right on the ocean? As it turns out, lots of people said just that to Sally Ottoson. And yet, that didn’t deter her from leaving her winemaking job in Napa Valley to found Pacific Star Winery. Perched on a beautiful bluff above the ocean, about 12 miles north of Fort Bragg, Pacific Star is like a slice of serene coastal paradise. So, pull up a chair overlooking the ocean and let Sally and her incredible staff treat you to a uniquely delicious array of rare and unusual varietal wines.

Aromas of fresh ocean air with notes of Pacific coast sunshine.

In a nod to her immigrant past (her family settled here from Scandinavia in 1861) Sally sources heritage varietal grapes with deep Californian roots. You may not be familiar with Charbono, Carignon or Tannat, but Sally blends them into the most delightful and delicious wines you’ve probably never tasted before. “It’s a sensory experience,” she’ll tell you, which certainly rings true. Pacific Star Winery will delight all your senses with wonderful wines, whales that roll through right off the rocks, a spectacular setting, cool ocean breezes and warm hospitality. 

“It’s about happiness.
If you’re not happy when you get here,
you will be when you leave.”

– Sally Ottoson

Local Tip:

Prep a quick picnic by running into Roundman’s Smokehouse to build your own charcuterie platter which pairs perfectly with the It’s My Fault White Blend. Oh, and, yes, well-behaved dogs are more than welcome on the beautiful grounds at Pacific Star.