David, Tonda & The Great Outdoors


David, Tonda
& The Great Outdoors

Whatever the Fort Bragg weather brings, Tonda and David Miller have you outfitted for fun out in the field. With the plethora of outdoor options up on the North Coast, The Outdoor Store, like a “mini-REI,” is an essential resource for visitors and locals alike.

David and Tonda purchased the business four years ago and used the covid era to remodel and make the shop their own.
Raised in Fort Bragg (David’s mother was Tonda’s kindergarten teacher), they both spent time elsewhere in the Bay Area (including Paradise where they lost their home in the Camp Fire), before returning and settling in with their children and the business. Between the two of them they have 6 kids, including 10-year-old twins to outfit for adventure. It’s a full circle story, like many Fort Bragg natives, the North Coast pulls you back….as a great place to raise a family and run a small business.

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