Kiersten & The Braggadoon


Kiersten &
The Braggadoon

If you spot  a beautiful sign somewhere in Fort Brag, chances are Kiersten and her team had something to do with it.

As Owner and Creative Director of Fort Bragg creative services agency, Braggadoon, Kiersten Hanna is a central figure in the Fort Bragg and Mendocino County art and culture scene. Her agency’s wide array of creative offerings includes art direction, logo design, archival quality print production and creative signage. “Being a graphics shop in a town on the edge of nowhere, Braggadoon has to be a little bit of everything for everyone in the community,” says Kiersten. From business signage to props for local theater productions, Kiersten and Braggadoon truly can be said to influence the entire look of the town.

“There’s something about this area, I’m never in want of things to do, new experiences, interesting people, and creative endeavors. Plus, it is beautiful!”

- Kiersten Hanna

Local Tip:

Those amazing murals you see around Fort Bragg. Many of them were created by artists who work for Kiersten at Bragadoon.