Erin and the Collective


Erin & the
Coast Collective

Coast Collective founder Erin Irber has a passion for fine woodworking. Starting at the Krenov School of Fine Furniture in Fort Bragg, an institution that cultivates a reverence for quality and excellence. Erin and all the Collective artisans who attended—emerged from hundreds of hours of intense study understanding that, as often as not, the nature of a piece is revealed in the handling, a slow process of discovery that requires patience, precision, an affinity for power tools and a love affair with wood.

As the name implies, Coast Collective has gathered a group of artisan woodworkers who share a commitment to quality craftsmanship and a desire to create furniture that performs and delights. All the Collective’s designs are now in stock with new furniture collections released several times a year. And unlike fast furniture destined for the landfill, members of the Collective design and build furniture meant to last and be passed on for generations.

Local Tip:

Bespoke pieces can be made to order.

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Fast furniture isn’t better. In fact, with supply chain disruptions, often it isn’t even fast.

Pacific Textile & The Weavers


Pacific Textile &
The Weavers

Since the dawn of civilization, textiles have kept us warm, signaled our cultural identity and offered a canvas on which to explore and describe the world. Textile artists Lolli Jacobsen, Jackie Wollenberg and Elaine Todd understood the value of keeping the ancient art of weaving alive and with the support of their fellow Fort Bragg weavers, created a vibrant space where the local community can explore the fabric arts.

The House That Weavers Built

Established in 1993, for the last 17 years, the Pacific Textile Arts campus on Alger Street has functioned as a hybrid gallery, art school, studio space, and museum with exhibits that showcase textiles from around the world and offer classes and groups that explore a variety of disciplines from Japanese paper weaving to spinning and calligraphy. The Brockschmidt Sutherland lending library for members is an inspiring collection of over 3000 textile-related books, articles and videos.

Local Tip:

Check out the Pacific Textile Arts website to learn more about this vibrant and welcoming community and for the latest information on upcoming shows, classes and exhibits.