Meredith & TC Space


Meredith &
TC Space

In a previous incarnation, Meredith Frederick was a high school teacher in San Diego with a passion for printmaking, especially intaglio and lithography. Meredith was always a risk taker. So, when a mentor encouraged her to start painting in 2016, she embraced the challenge, developing a unique style influenced by California’s wild landscapes that tapped her knowledge of stenciling and employed spray paints, colored pencils, and acrylics to explore nature and the environment.

She Can Hang

Eventually Meredith made her way to Fort Bragg and found a dynamic and welcoming local art scene. When friend, fellow artist and gallery owner Tim Carmody had to give up his gallery, Meredith was asked take over, rebranding the space as TC (for Traffic Cone) and showcasing local artists in a way that would honor the community Tim had for so long supported.

Local Tip:

Stop in and take a minute to see who is hanging on the wall, it will improve your day.

At TC, Meredith employs an aesthetic she’s been working toward for years—telling a visual story with art hung in a professional way, where a deft use of light, placement and negative space ensure continuity and create excitement and drama. TC displays a variety of local, working artists who are masters of their craft. Artists appreciate a space that honors their work while communicating a cohesive story.

The Inn at Newport Ranch

The Inn at Newport Ranch

Just north of Fort Bragg, encompassing seven microclimates on 2,000 acres of land, 1 ½ miles of rugged coastline and 20 miles of trails, The Inn at Newport Ranch is the perfect escape from the bustle of modern life.


The Inn at Newport Ranch

31502 N Highway 1,
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

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