Anna & The Harbor


Anna Neumann
& The Harbor

Head down to the Noyo Harbor and treat yourself to the catch of the day right off the boat it came in on. While you’re there, say hello to Harbor Master Anna Neumann. From a childhood in Morro Bay that ingrained a love of the sea, to an advanced degree in fisheries policy, Anna isn’t just another bureaucrat who doesn’t know her stuff. She’s sailed the sea, spending two years fishing commercially with the women from The Princess to earn her way through school and loved (most) every minute of it.

A Safe Harbor For All

Her experience at sea taught her a lot about the fishing culture, specifically how the health of the harbor contributes directly to the health of the local economy. She’s working to reeducate the community that they can buy directly from fishermen right off their boats, the ultimate sustainable sea food. Anna wears many other hats, renting out the 256 slips that are the harbor’s main source of income. She’s also a grant writer and project manager. But her most significant role is in supporting all aspects of the fishing industry and ensuring the Noyo Harbor is safe in every sense of the word.

Jack of All Trades,

Master of One:

The Noyo Harbor

Local Tip:

The Noyo Harbor Fish Market at South Harbor opened in April and runs on the second Saturday of the month through September.

Tristin, Grant & The Kelp


Tristin, Grant
& Helping The Kelp

A thriving nearshore ocean ecosystem is crucial to maintaining wildlife on land and at sea. Today, that ecosystem is in danger along much of the Northern California coast. In just under ten years, a ‘perfect storm’ of warming oceans, loss of apex predators, and the subsequent proliferation of the voracious native purple sea urchin has decimated 96% of kelp forests on California’s North Coast.