Ryan & The Amazing Murals


Ryan & The
Amazing Murals

Part artist, part engineer, part craftsman, Ryan possesses a skillset that is at once highly creative, analytical and practical.

Ryan’s co-workers at Braggadoon Signs & Graphics gave him the moniker Mentalist for his otherworldly ability to pull off extraordinary feats of technical prowess. But less supernatural, though no less wonderful is Ryan’s artwork. Trained in oil painting and adept at large canvases and murals, his painting style evokes imagery that is at once classical and surreal. Inspired by surrounding seascapes and forest vistas, the spirit of Fort Bragg and the North Coast bubble to the surface in Ryan’s current work. And yet, it’s also his technical skills that allow him to move easily from conception through production to installation. It’s a rare and sometimes seemingly otherworldly combination that makes him such a valuable member of the team at Braggadoon, an accomplished artist and has earned him a position at the very the center of the artistic community in Fort Bragg.  ryangrossman.com


Local Tip:

Ryan’s downtown Fort Bragg murals can be seen at the corner of Redwood Avenue and HWY 1, and his latest at 301 Redwood Avenue at the corner of Redwood and McPherson.